Cheers! RC Cola has officially launched in Uzbekistan! RC Cola International’s (RCCI) new, exclusive bottler and distributor in the country is JV LLC Family Group, one of Uzbekistan's leading producers of beverages since 2001. 

"We are happy to find reliable partners in the Family Group company. Their extensive distribution network will allow us to work quickly and efficiently in the Uzbekistan market,” said Moshy Cohen, RCCI’s VP of Business Development &  Marketing.

On August 3, 2017, Mr. Cohen joined Edmund O’Keeffe, RCCI’s President, U.S. Ambassador Pamela Spratlen, government representatives, and local partner the Family Group in celebrating the arrival of RC Cola to Uzbekistan. Following the formal remarks, the group officially launched the bottling line in the Family Group’s cutting edge, state of the art production facility. Click here to see the ceremony video!

“(Our goal) is to achieve superiority in distribution and to provide consumers with RC Cola, an American brand with a real American flavor,” said spokesman RC Cola Uzbekistan Shahrukh Nizamutdinov. “(Our top) undeniable advantage in RC Cola is an international trademark that has long been entrenched in the global market for carbonated beverages since 1905.”

RC Cola’s nationwide launch plan includes public relations, social media, television campaign, sampling events, and visibility program such as the billboard pictured. Click here to watch the news story for additional information.

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