RC Cola International would like you to join in giving a warm welcome to FIRSTBEV Nigeria as they now have become part of the RC Cola Family! 

With over a year of hard work and dedication, FIRSTBEV Nigeria has been able to share a successful launch with fellow dealers, employees, and a few of RC Cola International's Management team. 

Moshy Cohen, Managing Director of RCCI, shared that the Nigerian Market is ever growing. With the increasing CSD demand, it is RCCI's goal to seamlessly supply RC Cola  to the consumer without sacrificing quality.  

Head of Commercial, Steve Edeki, said that the essence of the forum was to inform FIRSTBEV's dealers that the brand, RC Cola, has been selling for over a month in Lagos. “We invited dealers to know where RC Cola is coming from and to build that confidence that we will be supplying them non stop because we have the capacity to do that with our new state-of-art factory plant here in Agbara."