RC Cola makes its offical debut in Georgia!

Yes, you read that correctly! Royal Crown Cola International has officially launched in the Republic of Georgia, located in Europe, not to be confused with the birthplace of RC Cola in Columbus, Georgia, U.S.A. RCCI’s new, exclusive bottler and distributor in the region is Georgian Beer Company.

As launches go, this one was particularly exciting! U.S. Embassy officials located in the Republic of George attended the televised event. News stations sent their camera crews to record the ceremony, with representatives from RC Cola International in attendance as well.

Georgia Beer Company has launched RC Cola in 1.5 l PET bottles, 0.5 l PET bottles

and .25 l glass bottles. They are also on schedule to launch RC Q and Rad Rain in the coming months.

Welcome Georgia Beer Company to the growing network of RCCI bottlers and distributors! 

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