In the February 2015 issue of Beverage Innovation, RC Cola Neo continues to make headlines as one of the three major players featuring a naturally sweetened cola product using a blend of stevia and cane sugar. 

Providing bottlers with a solution for consumers who are concerned about health and wellness, RC Cola Neo reduces the amount of sugar in each serving up to 50%. Stevia, a sweetener derived from plants, offers an alternative to artificial sweeteners. By combining the two, RC Cola Neo provides the advantages of both products while maintaining a great cola taste.

Taste First: The biggest challenge using stevia is the bitter aftertaste it provides. The world-class development team at the Royal Crown Cola International (RCCI) headquarters in Columbus, GA, U.S.A. worked the better part of three years to craft the unique flavor profile found in RC Cola Neo. It is not easy to mask stevia in colas, but the team mastered the ratio in this product.

As one of the top three cola brands in the world, RCCI continues to look for new ways to reduce sugar and use natural sweeteners to continue to meet the consumer demand for mid-calorie products. RC Cola Neo is driving this innovation, keeping long term cola consumers in the cola category and attracting health conscious consumers back to the category as their desires and demands evolve over time. 

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