Tovani Benzaquen Ingredients held a launch event for the Mato Grosso do Sul State in Campo Grande, Brazil for Funada Refrigerantes, a bottler with a history of providing the people of the capital city with beverages since 1947. The kickoff event took place on October 11, 2013 for the Funada sales team.

The RC Cola presentation was made by the president of Tovani Benzaquen Ingredients, Mr. Moses Bezaquen and Mr. Flávio Moribe, Tovani’s Commercial Director. The event focused on best practices to introduce RC Cola to the market place in order to gain the most desirable results and proceed into other markets as the success of the product grows.

“The launch event was very well done; it was well organized and most importantly the Funada sales team is very motivated with the RC Cola project,” Bezaquen stated.

The production of RC Cola for the event was created in the Funada Campo Grande plant, with the help and supervision of Mr. Moribe and by Mrs. Sandra Gutierrez, Director of Technical Services for RCCI. 

“The product was very well produced. We can see a high level of commitment of the whole Funada team with the RC Cola project,” Bezaquen said. 

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