RC Cola is thrilled to announce the opening of RC Cola Benin! RC Cola International's (RCCI) new, exclusive bottler and distributor in Benin is DONGACO Beverages, a division of DONGACO Agri-Food and Industry. DONGACO was created by Zouberou Sayo Issa, a Beninese businessman who has been investing in the region for more than 30 years. DONGACO has four departments: food, beverage, industry, and home products. 

DONGACO held an exclusive VIP launch event poolside on August 10, 2017 at the Golden Tulip The Diplomat Hotel. A saxophonist set the elegant tone for the evening, while hostesses served RC Cola and RC Q beverages and passed out gifts to the attendees. Alex El-Khoury, RCCI's VP Business Development Middle East & Africa, attended the highly anticipated event, and gave a speech at the grand opening.     

"The DONGACO team has worked very hard to prepare for the launch of RC Cola and RC Q products. Their expertise in the African market is outstanding, and will support the growth of RC Cola in Africa," El-Khoury said.   

The days following the VIP event, DONGACO team members headed out into the market place to deploy RC Cola sampling events in order to excite the Benin consumers and create brand awareness. The crowds responded positively, and the sampling events were extended due to a high demand.   

Along with sampling, they also had a caravan that toured the towns. Citizens came out to see the DJs, musical guests and dancers. The caravan's final stop was a large beach show. Singer-songwriter 6catrices kicked the party off to a great start, followed by comedian Caporal Djangoun. The crowd was enthusiastic when musician Ricos Compos made his way onto the stage for the final performance of the evening. 

Congratulations to our newest RC Cola bottler on a successful launch. Join us in welcoming them to the RCCI family!                         

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