For the second time, Royal Crown Cola International (RCCI) is the proud recipient of the prestigious International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi) two-star Superior Taste Award. RCCI received the honor this year for RC Refresher Bitter Lemon.

RC Refresher Bitter Lemon revitalizes taste buds with more bubbles, bright tastes and crisp fruit notes. Bringing the perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness together, RC Refresher Bitter Lemon has a unique, sophisticated adult taste. With an inviting lemon aroma, this beverage has a light body, yet a classic soft drink finish.

RC Refresher Bitter Lemon is a fresh and fun standalone drink, or can be mixed with your favorite spirit to take your adult cocktails to the next level. This versatile selection is great for every occasion.

The Superior Taste Award is a label of excellence given by iTQi – the leading independent organization dedicated to testing and promoting superior tasting food and drink products from around the world. With the largest jury of Chefs and Sommeliers, iTQi is known to be The "Michelin Guide of Food" (Trends-Tendances, 21 August 2008).

The Juries of iTQi are unique in the world because they are selected from the exclusive partnership with prestigious culinary organizations, the Association de la Sommellerie International (ASI) and other highly regarded drink experts.

These judges, carefully selected by iTQi and these organizations, have been trained for many years to taste food products. They have exercised their profession in Europe but also, in countries as diversified as Japan, China, Thailand, Australia, North, Central and South America. They are passionate and enthusiastic in their ongoing discovery for new flavors from unknown products wherever the origin may be.

“We are thrilled to have received another International Superior Taste Award,” says David Ragland, Senior Director of the Columbus Innovation Center at Royal Crown Cola International. “Our scientists take pride in perfecting the flavor notes for the remake of such a classic drink.”

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