It is that time again to share what a month May has been for RC Cola International and our partners worldwide. We are excited to share our latest monthly recap video covering some great RC Cola activities and news from around the world.  

Our new products won the iTQi awards!

The International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi) has published the results from their blind tastings that brought together 175 chefs and sommeliers from the most prestigious European culinary associations. The iTQi award is a guarantee of excellent taste and high quality and we’re honored to announce that:

-RC Cola Vanilla has been granted a Superior Taste Award with 2 Golden Stars

-RC Cola Coffee, a Superior Taste Award with 1 Golden Star

-RC Cola No Sugar, a Superior Taste Award with 1 Golden Star


RC Cola Estonia gets X-treme with Motocross

RC Cola Estonia sponsored a motocross rider in the Estonian Master Championship.


RC Cola Kosovo At Night Campaign!

Turning their attention to engaging consumers during the nights, RC Cola Kosovo decorate its streets with beautifully lit RC Cola bottle signs and billboards.


Who had the best launch of 2017 in Uzbekistan?

You guessed it! RC Cola Uzbekistan was voted as having the best launch of 2017. The results were recently announced and we couldn’t be more proud to share the news. launched last year and was voted as the best launch in the entire country.

They also took home the following:

-The Best Trademark in the category of CSD.

-The Best Marketing Promotion in the category of CSD.


It's time to feel the BOOST!

RC Cola Tajikistan has launched Mighty Rain along with a new commercial, coming soon.


Happy Independence Day Georgia!

On May 26th, RC Cola Georgia celebrated the Republic of Georgia’s 100 years of Independence with some RC Cola and RC Crew member, RC Cool.

Thanks for tuning in to our global recap episode! See you again soon!