The RC Cola Portfolio is Expanding! 

RC Cola now has more tastes for consumers – RC Cola No Sugar, RC Cola 100% Stevia, RC Cola Coffee and RC Cola Vanilla. Look for new global introductions soon! 

RC Cola Tajikistan is on a roll! 

“Hug an RC” User Generated Content activity on Social Media. They also sponsored and food festival which welcomed over 10,000 visitors. From the concert and food, to the flashmob dancers and branded photo-op zones, there was definitely a party going on!

RC Cola Georgia is making great progress!

The team in georgia is creating a lot of great campaigns and awareness. RC Cola Georgia’s consumer promotion gave away the house, literally with a grand prize of 3 flats in a brand new residential complex! The launch of RCQ Orange with the New Year under the cap consumer promotion, excitement was over the top with the RCQ Orange launch and consumer promotion with 20 iPhones X for FREE!

RC Cola Philippines Goes Mega!

RC Cola Philippines launched a “shared by 4” campaign featuring the 800 ml Mega bottle. It is definitely best when shared with friends. 

RC Cola Uzbekistan shares the scene!

Movie night in Uzbekistan was a hit! Snacks were accompanied with a bottle of RC Cola for viewers to enjoy during the movie. Didn’t it look cozy!

Take a look at the video and feel free to get in touch with us to discuss ways for us to cooperate.