Introducing the new RC Cola spots – American Taste Since 1905. These spots focus specifically on the RC Cola product, featuring the refreshing taste and American origin of the brand.

The American Taste series includes three different spots allowing for individual market customization by way of multiple packaging options. Bubbling Night, Openness, and Flags were produced with each package option in mind from aluminum cans to glass or proprietary (PET) bottles.

We wanted to create spots that translated into every market and communicate the key values of the brand. By developing spots that feature the product, and include all packaging options, we are able to provide our bottlers and distributors with quality commercials that they can immediately showcase in their market.

Moshy Cohen, Vice President of Marketing, RCCI

Available For use to Bottlers & Distributors

These commercials are free to our bottlers and distributors. Take advantage of this great opportunity by contacting Media Younce at, or Mallory Lawrence at

Check out our latest marketing project, American Taste, by clicking the link above and let us know which version we can send to you.

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