The craft trend has skyrocketed all over the globe in various industries. Now our RC Cola International bottlers and distributors can join this beverage boom! 

RCQ Craft provides consumers with the quality product they are used to getting from the RC Cola brand, paried with a unique flavor twist. RCCI kicks off the craft line with three new flavors: Sicilian Lemon & Ginger, Oroblanco Grapefruit, and Tarocco Blood Orange. 

These flavors were specifically created for RCQ Craft using premium ingredients to create a handcrafted soft drink for the most sophisticated consumer. More than one-third of craft CSD consumers include premium ingredients in their top reasons for drinking them!* 

Not sure if the beverage craft game is right for you? The graph below shows what consumers are looking for by region from a sample consumer group. Give RCQ Craft a try and see if this premium line extension is what your beverage portfolio has been missing.  


















*Base: 1,263 internet users age 18+ who are drinking/interested in craft soda SOURCE: LIGHTSPEED GMI/MINTEL

**Canadean Report

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