Watch the FoodBev interview here about RC Cola No Sugar.


Royal Crown Cola International recently unveiled RC Cola No Sugar, its newest member of the iconic brand’s portfolio, during Drinktec 2017, the world summit of the beverage and liquid food industry held in Munich September 11-15.   

As the health-conscious consumer segment continues to grow, so does their demand for lower or no sugar beverages. Reducing their sugar consumption is not the only factor in making their drink selections. Consumers are increasingly demanding authentic, full-flavored beverages but without sugar.

“RC Cola No Sugar bridges the gap between zero sugar and the great taste of a full-sugar cola,” said Mr. Moshy Cohen, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Royal Crown Cola International. “We feel that our consumers shouldn’t have to compromise the experience of a full-flavored cola. And, now with RC Cola No Sugar, they don’t have to.”  

Understanding these pivotal shifts in global consumer trends has remained vital for the iconic  brand’s success. The development of RC Cola No Sugar’s unique flavor and sweetener systems  is yet another example of how Royal Crown Cola International continues to build on more than a  century beverage experience.

RC Cola No Sugar will be available by the end of the year in the Far East, Europe and Africa.



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