Who drinks RC Cola? Our latest creative design is here to help answer that question as the RC Cola brand continues to evolve.  We are excited to introduce “I Drink RC,” a creative campaign that focuses on the American RC Cola consumer from different cities around the United States.

The “I Drink RC” creative encourages consumers to embrace their unique characteristics and tastes, and to celebrate their differences that make them who they are today. This attitude reflects the values of the RC Cola brand and authentic American cola drinkers.

In creating these graphics, it was important for the RCCI marketing group to maintain continuity between the Pop Art and I Drink RC designs. The vibrant colors, bold typography and illustrations transition smoothly from one campaign to the next, so that each bottler can continue to build upon existing materials in their market while creating excitement and inspiration with the updated artwork.

Read more about the campaign and the markets who have already transitioned to the “I Drink RC” campaign by clicking here:  Israel    India 

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