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Royal Crown Cola International has created a number of programs designed to help our more than 100 bottlers and distributors worldwide achieve their own long-term growth goals. To help our partners get the very most out of these programs, RCCI maintains a hands-on global presence with experts in marketing, research and development, technical and quality services.

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Marketing Support

World-class brands need world-class marketing strategies

When you have world-class brands, you need world-class marketing strategies to support them. By joining the Royal Crown Cola International family, our bottlers and distributors enjoy ongoing support in key marketing areas such as advertising, sales promotion, point-of-sale (P.O.S.) materials, merchandising, and sales staff training. These are just some of the many ways RCCI promotes a successful operation for our bottlers and distributors. 

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In a highly competitive marketplace, strong brand identification is critical to building bigger brand share. To help our network of bottlers and distributors fully maximize the earning power of our brands, RCCI works closely with local and global advertising agencies to develop ad campaigns and media strategies (television, radio, P.O.S. materials, billboards, etc.) appropriate to our bottlers' locations and budgets. By providing complete marketing materials to our customers worldwide, RCCI is able to create a strong, graphically consistent presence in every market.

Package Design

Making sure consumers quickly and clearly recognize a brand product ultimately comes down to one thing – packaging. RCCI creates some of the most distinctive labels in the industry – with a design that fits well into contemporary package design. In addition to innovative graphics, RCCI is leader in packaging design. We were also the first major international brand to sell soft drinks in 12-oz. cans, 16-oz. returnable bottles, and the first to develop a generic returnable bottle. 


RCCI trains its bottlers and distributors in merchandising functions that create visually appealing beverage shelves, coolers, and vending machines. Our team assists in the development of pricing, product rotation, back-stock control, display building, and proper P.O.S. procedures. 

Sales Support

RCCI has developed intensive sales training programs, providing in-depth training materials for both novice and experienced sales people to help your sales managers properly train and educate your support staff.

  • Merchandising

  • Packaging

  • Sales

  • Branding

Columbus Innovation Center

Innovative ingredients and unique formulations

Royal Crown Cola International’s Research and Development lab is located in Columbus, Georgia, USA. Here, our R&D team creates over 400 different beverage concentrates annually for the 60+ countries where RCCI products are sold. Our commitment to state-of-the-art research, combined with some old-fashioned American ingenuity has kept RCCI, our bottlers and distributors on the cutting-edge of new products. Using innovative ingredients and unique formulations have also kept the RCCI portfolio both competitive and at the forefront of changing consumer taste trends in every market place.

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Comprised of 40 highly experienced scientist and technicians, the R&D team offers extensive knowledge and expertise, making our team a true industry standout.  

New Product Development

Using market research and local preferences, the experienced team of nutritional scientists develop new food technologies whiles researching emerging trends in beverage and flavor formulations. 

Quality Ingredients 

To deliver the premium products our customers expect, the R&D team is constantly experimenting with different ingredients and formulations, using the highest quality raw ingredients from around the globe. 

  • Solutions

  • Testing

  • Experience

  • Innovation

Quality and Technical

Product quality and guidance

At Royal Crown Cola International, product quality is our top priority. Whether we're offering technical guidance for building a new facility from the ground up or working to ensure that your existing plant has the latest state-of-the-art technology, our Quality and Technical team of experts is on call to assist you through the entire bottling process. In addition, our experienced engineers, chemists, and food technologists are available to help you safeguard the quality of the finished product.

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The Q&T team works with all RCCI bottlers and distributors to ensure their facilities meet or exceed international, national and local regulations.


Q&T Directors work with each customer to find ways to increase productivity on the bottling line, all while reducing costs to the bottom line. 


By performing rigorous quality control tests on all water, sweetener, and  products samples from around the globe, our team is able to ensure each beverage is consistent and provides maximum flavor in every market.


New tools are created every day that aid in the bottling and disrupting process of beverages. The RCCI experts continually look for the best equipment to help plants operate smoothly and stay on the cutting edge of technical advancement.

  • Quality

  • Standards

  • Technology

  • Efficiency

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