RC Zero proves there’s a world of difference between being calorie-free & being diet. RC Zero is a sugar-free, caffeinated cola with no calories offering the full-flavor experience of a regular cola. While its sweeteners are the same as RC Cola Diet and RC Light, the flavor system is completely unique and remains a closely guarded secret. The “zero cola” concept was born when research showed that younger men wanted the full taste of cola without the calories - but didn't like the word "diet." Today, RC Zero appeals to men of all ages, from college boys to soccer dads. Even at first glance, the sleek black can and highly recognizable brand mark reinforce the bold taste within. Research wise, RC Zero has scored well in a blind taste test among men - and women - who regularly consume diet colas. TNS, an independent research group, reported that RC Zero scored favorable in both taste preference and in general taste acceptance compared to the category leader in the local market. In addition, a majority of young customers (age 18-35) prefer RC Zero over the local market leader. *Taste test were conducted in 2009 among a sample of 100 diet cola consumers in Israel.