Four great mixers... creating endless combinations.

Royal Crown mixers are non-alcoholic, caffeine-free, highly carbonated beverages that are formulated to be mixed with another beverage (often alcoholic). The carbonation adds a festive flair to drinks, making each mixer a perfect enhancement to any adult beverage. Royal Crown mixers are considered taste equivalents to mixers from Canada Dry, Schweppes and Seagram.

Royal Crown Ginger Ale is a sparkling, dry ginger ale. The drink is flavored with a blend of natural ginger and extract of citrus essential oils. Royal Crown Ginger Ale is an ideal complement to whiskey and bourbon drinks.

Royal Crown Tonic water is a sparkling mixer flavored with quinine and a perfect balance of extracts from citrus essential oils. It delivers a distinctively refreshing taste with a bitter finish. Royal Crown Tonic water is the best complement to gin or vodka mixed drinks.

Royal Crown Bitter Lemon is a sparkling mixer that combines quinine with natural lemon flavor and lemon juice. Royal Crown Bitter Lemon goes best with vodka or gin mixed drinks.

Royal Crown Club Soda is highly carbonated, sparkling water with added salts and is calorie free. Royal Crown Club Soda goes well with whiskey.

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