The newest beverage in the RC™ lineup, Icon Premium Cola ™ is a superior product that calls upon 100 years of RC cola making experience to achieve the ultimate in cola craftsmanship. Its formulation is truly unique. Befitting of its premium status, RC Icon uses the highest quality ingredients: pure cane sugar, pure filtered water and rare kola nuts (including Jamaican Blue Mountain kola nuts). The result is a formula that achieves full-mouth feel and a rich, superior taste.

Icon has a combination of robust flavorings that comes from spices and citrus fruits using unique distillation and extraction methods. The flavor is further enhanced using chocolate and cocoa bean notes complemented with pure cane sugar as its sweetener. Even from a distance one can tell that this is no ordinary cola. From the rich graphics to the sophisticated color scheme, Icon has refined packaging that hints at the premium quality contained within.

Made with natural ingredients and pure cane sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup, this natural soda drink is part of the growing market push for more healthy soda without corn syrup