Ben Shaws Mixers RC KICK

Meet The Family

The Royal Crown Cola International Family:a family of distinctive flavors as individual as those who drink them.

Through an unwavering commitment to innovation… by maintaining the highest of standards and ensuring that we employ the world’s top talent… we are able to continue building on our history of success. Today Royal Crown Cola International offers a wide array of brands - reflecting the wide array of individuals who love them.

RC Soda brands:

  • RC Cola
    • RC Cola Lemon
    • RC Cola Cherry
    • RC Cola Light
  • RCQ Fruit Soda Flavors (formerly Nehi soda / Nehi soft drinks)
    • RCQ Orange
    • RCQ Cloudy Lemon
    • RCQ Green Apple
    • RCQ Strawberry
    • RCQ Grape
    • RCQ Kiwi Strawberry
    • RCQ Mango Melon
  • RC Zero
  • Upper 10
  • RC Icon (RC Cola glass bottle)

RC Sports Drinks and Energy Drink brands:

  • GL7 (lemon-lime sports drink)
  • Red Rain Energy Drink - flavors:
    • Red Rain Energy Shot (60ml)
    • Red Rain Cranberry-Orange
    • Red Rain Blueberry
    • Red Rain Tropical Mango
    • Red Rain Cappuccino-Mocha

RC Premium Teas and Royal Crown Mixer brands:

  • Orient Emporium Tea (all natural ingredients)
  • Royal Crown Mixers
    • Royal Crown Ginger Ale
    • Royal Crown Tonic water
    • Royal Crown Bitter Lemon
    • Royal Crown Club Soda