Crown Royal Crown Bottling System - Carbonated Soft Drinks

RCCI’s Global Technical Center for Manufacturing and Research & Development is located in Columbus, Georgia, USA. Here, Royal Crown Cola International creates over 400 different soft drink concentrates for more than 60 countries worldwide. Every year, the plant produces concentrates that yield 800 million 8-oz. cases of finished product.

A prolific packaging producer, RCCI has helped to develop over 50 different package shapes and sizes. What’s more, our product development and R&D Teams create both new and reformulated drinks for different countries - keeping RCCI products relevant and highly desired in every marketplace.

Our concentrates don't leave our factory until they've passed our rigid QUALITY CONTROL tests.
New Product Development

Royal Crown Cola International's R&D team employs some of the top experts in the industry. These highly skilled scientists and technicians are constantly researching different ingredients in order to create exciting, fresh formulations for both new and existing products. Based on market research and local preferences, these professionals create new flavors designed specifically to meet the changing worldwide tastes of soft drink fans.

Quality Assurance

Each Royal Crown Cola International product concentrate contains all the flavoring ingredients necessary to produce our delicious, flavorful beverages. To deliver the premium product our customers expect, we choose only the highest quality raw ingredients from around the globe. Furthermore, our concentrates don't leave our factory until they've passed our rigid Quality Control tests.

To help our bottlers maintain these same uncompromising standards, we ask them to routinely submit water, sweetener and finished beverage samples to our labs for analysis. By regularly testing ingredients at our main R&D facility in Columbus, Georgia, RCCI is able to ensure a consistent quality and flavor for all our products worldwide. While not every consumer may appreciate the level of detail that goes into making our products, we know they appreciate the end result.

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