Bottler System

When you have world-class brands, you need world-class marketing strategies to support them.

When you join the Royal Crown Cola International bottler family, you'll enjoy ongoing support in key marketing areas such as
advertising, sales promotion, point-of-sale (P.O.S.) materials, merchandising, and sales staff training. These are just some of the
many ways RCCI promotes a successful operation for our bottlers and distributors.


To help our network of bottlers fully maximize the earning power of our brands, RCCI takes the creation and communication of our unique visual brand identity very seriously. As such, we work closely with local advertising agencies throughout the world to develop ad campaigns and media strategies (television, radio, P.O.S. materials, billboards, etc.) appropriate to our bottler's locations and budgets.

Using research and local focus groups, RCCI develops strategies which build global awareness of the Royal Crown Cola International brands. At the same time, our goal is to create concepts that have strong consumer appeal and are market driven.

While advertising draws the consumer toward the product, promotions draw the product toward the consumer. Sales promotions give consumers (and retailers) an additional reason to try or stock a product. Royal Crown Cola International has an in-depth understanding of the factors which motivate consumers to purchases beverages.

We understand that quality and value are at the core of a decision to purchase a RC brand for both consumers and retailers. That's why we frequently consult with our bottlers to develop promotions (under cap, self-liquidator, on-pack, contests, sweepstakes, etc.) and premiums that will work to motivate those purchases while maximizing sales volume and profit.

Dramatic, properly placed P.O.S. advertising can increase visibility substantially when it comes to catching the attention of the impulse beverage buyer. Eye-catching, dynamic Royal Crown Cola International P.O.S. is designed to influence impulse buyers while establishing lasting brand identification. We provide a set of complete marketing materials to our bottlers worldwide – including catalogs and CD's - to help create a strong, graphically consistent presence in the marketplace.

Packaging Design

In a highly competitive marketplace filled with "cola wars," strong brand identification is critical to building bigger brand share. Making sure consumers quickly and clearly recognize a brand product ultimately comes down to one thing – packaging. The Royal Crown Cola International logo is one of the most distinctive in the industry – with a design that fits well into contemporary package design. Current RCCI bottlers have discovered for themselves just how effective this eye-catching design is - as it almost jumps off the shelf with its bold, colorful look.

In addition to innovative graphics, Royal Crown Cola International has also been a leader in packaging design. Our proprietary PET bottle is just one dramatic example. We were also the first major international brand to sell soft drinks in 12-oz. cans, 16-oz. returnable bottles, and the first to develop a generic returnable bottle. We were the first to introduce the 2-liter PET bottle, as well as the 500ml returnable bottle in Latin America, the 250ml can and non-returnable bottle in the Middle East, the 330ml PET bottle in Europe, and the 340ml returnable bottle in the Far East. These are merely a few of the packaging innovations that have made RCCI an industry leader.


At the heart of any successful Royal Crown Cola International operation is a commitment to servicing the customer. In order to do that, RCCI trains its bottlers in merchandising functions that create visually appealing beverage shelves, coolers, and vending machines.

We also assist in the development of pricing, product rotation, backstock control, display building, and proper P.O.S. procedures. With proper shelf management, the customer will soon recognize the quality and value inherent in the Royal Crown Cola International brands.

In addition to shelf merchandising, RCCI assists its bottlers in creating a consumer buzz through sampling programs. A successful sampling program can be the most effective means of increasing consumer awareness, trial, and actual product purchases. We'll help train sampling teams, staying on hand to supervise this important program, which proves to many consumers that Royal Crown Cola International brands are the best-tasting drinks available.

Sales Support

At Royal Crown Cola International, our sales support programs all begin with the same starting point – our people. After all, well-trained, motivated personnel are necessary ingredients for success. That's why RCCI has developed intensive sales training programs providing in-depth training materials for both novice and experienced sales people. These comprehensive training programs provide motivational instruction and materials (such as specific techniques, films, and meeting guides) to help your sales managers and supervisors properly train and educate your support staff.

To ensure your staff conveys a consistent image in marketing the global brand, Royal Crown Cola International also provides assistance in developing a dress code and uniforms for your staff members. Because your team members represent your image in the marketplace, it's essential that their uniforms enhance that image - while at the same time allowing your employees to work in comfortable, stylish, and durable clothing.

Once you've established an appropriate image for your personnel, we'll help you extend that image to the trucks, vans, and automobiles they drive. These "rolling billboards" are a roving reminder to the consumer of the Royal Crown Cola International brand identity. Through our Fleet Graphics program, RCCI will help you develop proper fleet identification logos - enhancing brand value in your marketplace.

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