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Even in our earliest days in the beverage business, Royal Crown Cola International understood and recognized the important role bottlers and distributors play in our growth. Because that success is built on a strong spirit of collaboration, RCCI has created a number of programs designed to help our more than 100 global bottlers and distributors achieve their own long-term growth goals.

To help our bottler teams get the very most out of these programs, RCCI maintains a hands-on global presence with experts in marketing, research and development, and technical services and business development.

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From our well-trained marketing team to our unique merchandising programs, Royal Crown Cola International's worldwide marketing efforts have been developed with two goals - to establish and promote a global brand identity and to help our bottlers better serve their customers. » Read More

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Research & Development

A commitment to state-of-the-art research, combined with some old-fashioned American ingenuity, has kept Royal Crown Cola International and our bottlers and distributors on the cutting-edge of new products, packaging, and testing. Our innovative ingredients and unique formulations have helped RCCI remain both competitive and at the forefront of changing consumer taste trends. » Read More

Technical Service
Technical Services

At Royal Crown Cola International, product quality is our top priority. Whether we're offering guidance for building a new facility from the ground up or working to ensure that your existing plant has the latest
state-of-the-art technology, our team of manufacturing experts is on call to assist you through the entire bottling process. In addition, our experienced engineers, chemists, and food technologists are available to help you safeguard the quality of the finished product. » Read More