About Royal Crown - Royal Crown Cola History
Royal Crown Cola International: refreshing to consumers with a taste for Freedom and to bottlers with a thirst for Success.

From its humble beginnings more than a century ago, RC Cola has become an American success story – one that continues to grow daily. Indeed, RC’s history is a rich one, but its successes are yet to come.

In 2001, Cott Corporation acquired Royal Crown Cola International’s branded business outside the United States, Canada, Mexico, and certain U.S. territories, including Puerto Rico and areas under U.S. administration. Since then, Cott has stewarded RCCI to new international heights, upholding the deep-rooted tradition of individual freedom that made RCCI brands a worldwide success to begin with.

  • Today, Consumers enjoy RC Cola in more than 45 countries worldwide and Royal Crown Cola International products in more than 60 countries.
  • Royal Crown Cola International products are sold through a global network of more than 100 bottling plants and distributors.
  • Royal Crown Cola International is a division of Cott Beverages Inc., a subsidiary of Cott Corporation.
RC Cola is the original chero cola bottle company who created the chero-cola back in 1910. They also became Nehi soda headquarters after the creation of the Nehi brand (originally called "Melo") in 1924.